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홈 - Cooperation College - Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal University was founded in 1954. In the past four decades, the university has cultivated more than 50,000 teachers and specialized personnel of various kinds for Shanghai and even the whole nation.

There are approximately 2,700 faculty and staffs nowadays, among which are 102 professors (researchers), 504 associate professors (associate researchers); the enrolled students number over 10,000, among which are 6,215 undergraduates, 3257 associate-degree students, 259 graduates, 777 adult-education (degree) students and 219 foreign students.

The university comprises of 20 colleges, 25 research institutes and 24 research and training centers. There are 10 disciplines authorized to confer doctorate degree, 51 disciplines authorized to confer mastership; 34 majors authorized to grant bachelor's degree, 21 majors authorized to grant associate degree and 4 majors authorized to grant "one bachelor's degree together with one associate degree". One Chinese language and literature discipline under the liberal arts personnel training and scientific research base of state education commission is also located in the university. Moreover, the university has 5 key disciplines of municipal level and 15 key disciplines of university level.

The university has successively established exchange and cooperation ventures with more than 30 higher-education institutions and academic groups of 14 nations and regions. So far, there have been over 3000 foreign students from America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam and etc. to have studied Chinese language and its culture in the university.

, among which are nearly 130,000 m 2

for teaching and auxiliary use; the fixed assets values over 170 million RMB, among which are 65 million RMB as teaching apparatus and relevant equipment assets.

The university library has a collection with a total volume of 2.28 million. In particular, the collection of ancient books and local chronicles is quite characteristic.

The university vigorously launches the research on the overall reform of middle-school and primary-school education. There have been dozens of faculty participating into the edition of middle-school textbooks organized by Shanghai Textbook Reform Committee. The university has 4 attached middle schools, 1 experimental school and 2 attached primary schools. The overall reform experiment of primary education in the experimental school has been specifically highlighted and been spoken highly of in the international and domestic educational circles.

In the last decade, the faculty have published approximately 1,000 monographs and 5,000 influential dissertations. They have fulfilled 185 scientific achievements, 103 of which winning social science awards and natural science awards above municipal level, and have obtained 22 patents or inventor's patent rights.

The overall objective of the university is to build up the school adhering to the direction of socialism and construct it to be a main base to train first class elementary education personnel for the first class education in Shanghai.