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Department of service management

Department of tourism & management

Objectives of Education

The Tourism and Leisure industry has required more and more diversity and specialization with the recent years of wide spread informatizaion and international interchange. Therefore, the "Creation and development of a true leisure culture" is a future promising industry with great visions. In this trend of tourism both in and out of the country this department focuses on training and providing not only professional tourism experts, but also Leisure programmers in the circumstances of various subjects and better facilities.

Characteristics of Education

To cultivate professional experts with international knowledge and cultural ability.

To emphasize on the job training in order to reinforce the adaptability of real fields of expertise with the basic theory of tourism.

To emphasize the development of language ability and to develop human nature through the society service program.

To develop individual talent by establishing strong industrial-educational cooperation system with tourism related industry and the leisure event industry.

  • Tourist Hotel
  • Travel Agency
  • Airliner
  • Duty Free Shop
  • Foreign Firm
  • Tourism-related Industries
  • Leisure Industries
  • Food Service Industries
  • Casino Dealer
  • Casino Administration Secretary
  • International Tour Guide
  • Domestic Tour Guide
  • Tourist Hotel Employee
  • Tourist Hotel Manager (2nd grade)
  • Instructors of Recreation (2nd grade)
  • Community Athletic Leaders (3rd grade)
  • Cocktail Certificate