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Department of Child education welfare

Department of early childhood education

Objectives of Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education trains professionals of early childhood education who understand the developmental characteristics of early childhood and possess various methods of education theory with practical ability to educate children.

Characteristics of Education

To activate campus clubs to develop potential abilities of child care teacher. To cultivate practical ability of fields and specialised knowledge for children through class visiting and situation practice. Through cooperative relationship with child education institutes, there is great needs to develop various teaching methods. To reinforce high-tech utilising ability and information system in order to respond to the acquirement of future society.

  • Early Childhood Education Specialist
  • Early Childhood Education Teacher
  • Director of Early Childhood Education Institute
  • Early Childhood English Institute
  • Manufacture of Early Childhood Education Contents
  • Baby Sitter
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Nursery School Teacher
  • Counselor of Child Education
  • Teacher of Educational Institute after School
  • Kindergarten Teacher's License (2nd grade)
  • Child Caring Teacher's License(1st grade)
  • Ap Leader License
  • PET Leader License
  • Child Counselor License
  • Early Childhood Multi-media Leader
  • Child Athletic Leader License
  • Leader of Orally Narrated Fairy Tale
  • Instructor of Early Childhood Recreation License
  • Paper Work Instructor
  • Child Welfare Specialist
  • Parents Education Guide