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Department of Cosmetology

Objectives of Education

The Department of Cosmetology aims at bringing up professional beauticians/artists focusing on the development of individual ability while upgrading the quality of the student by the efficient reinforcement organization of the related fields, ie: Hair design, Skin care, Make-up, Nail art, Foot care, etc..., all of which are suitable for the search of the human being's external beauty, health care, and awareness for society service in this ever changing knowledge and technological advanced based industry society.

Characteristics of Education

To educate theory and skills which are fundamentally needed for the frontline of today's beauty cosmetology industry. To put into practice and reinforce the relationship between cosmetology and health through practical exercise and skill. To inspire vocation, ethics, and morality by establishing their sense of values as professional beauticians/artists with pride, responsibility, diligence and obligation.

  • Hair Designer
  • Skin Care
  • Make-up Artist
  • Beauty Salon
  • Skin Care Salon
  • Beauty Academy Lecturer and Researcher
  • Public health official
  • Total Beauty Artist
  • Nail Art
  • Beauty Artist's License
  • Practical Skill Teacher's License
  • Certificate of Leg Care