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Department of Nursing

Objectives of Education

The Nursing Department aims at training professional nurses who can contribute to the development of life quality by acquiring scientific nursing knowledge and by practicing persistent training for the optimal prevention of disease and rapid recovery of health taking responsibilities for community health awareness. The contents of the course emphasize to cultivate the ability both in theory, skill, and practice while striving to be excellent health care managers/facilitators of individuals, family members, and community treatment.

Characteristics of Education

To recognize human beings as an integrated entity, and to interact with the environment. To develop creativity in order to cope with various practical situations, and on going health care requirements of individuals, family members, various groups, & community nursing within specific plans and performance evaluations. To inspire vocational, ethical morality by establishing their sense of values as professional nurses of future with pride, responsibility, excellence, diligence and obligations as health care providers of today.

  • Hospital
  • Nursing Teachers at school
  • Maternity Nurse
  • Public health related organisation
  • Social Welfare Organization
  • Public Official
  • Military nursing officer
  • Child Care Center
  • Overseas Employment
  • Nurse's License
  • Nursing Teacher's License
  • Maternity Nurse's License
  • Child Care Teacher's License(1st grade)